Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aerie Report, September 29, 2010

We had a pretty nice day here at the Aerie. A mixture of clouds and sun with temperatures in the 60s that allowed me to cut the grass--hopefully for the last time this year. And this evening, that pretty nice day was capped off by a very lovely sunset with lots of pinks and purples mixed in with a tiny bit of firey red.

Wednesday Sunset at the Aerie

Call it the calm before the storm, if you will, for tomorrow we get wet! Forecast for September 30, 2010

See the medium dark green "Rhino horn" impaling the center of Pennsylvania and reaching up into New York? The one the key says means 3-6 inches of rain? See where the western edge of that horn crosses from PA into NY? Yep. That's about where the Aerie is located. And the Bolt Hole is near the tip of that medium green horn.

Sunday night's beautiful sundown was followed by more than an inch of rain. (I emptied 1.60 inches out of the rain gauge this afternoon.) Tomorrow will be an echo and an encore. Flash flood warnings out for nearly all of Pennsylvania but the concern is primarily with the small creeks and rivers. The larger ones are so low because of the scarcity of early September rain. Before Monday's rain, Elmira, NY said they had gotten only 1.25 inches when they should have had nearly 3 inches. The lack of water means the larger rivers have plenty of capacity the smaller ones, not so much. 3-6 inches of rain can go a long way to filling the little guys and should impact the Susquehanna as well. (AccuHunch's full forecast is here.)

The next gurgling sound you hear will be the Chesapeake Bay getting flushed by a sudden wall of freshwater coming out of the north as the Susquehanna Watershed gets inundated.

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Rev. Paul said...

That sunset is absolutely gorgeous!