Friday, October 01, 2010

Aerie Report, October 1, 2010

Unlike NYC to the east where the continuing rain has prompted flood watches and advisories...IN THE CITY, here at the Aerie the rain ended sometime around 3 AM this morning. It's still overcast and threatening, but the weather gurus are saying it's over. The same is pretty much true for the Bolt Hole to the north. The rain has ended and there's a promise of some sunshine this afternoon.

Flood watches and warnings still exist for much of the area between here and the Bolt Hole. The West and East Canada Creeks, and Mohawk River in the southwest 'Dacks will be cresting later today as the runoff from the smaller creeks and rivers reaches them. There don't seem to be any warnings around the Aerie. Perhaps the low level of the rivers before this event took place has something to do with the rapid step down from the flood warnings and watches of yesterday.

I've a few things to do this morning before I head to the Bolt Hole with the log splitter in tow for a couple of weeks of hunting and chores. Can't wait to see how things are along the way.



Rev. Paul said...

I hope you don't encounter any flooding/mudslides/whatever along the way. That said, keep your powder dry.

JDP said...

Don't overdo it with the chores, leaves more time for hunting that way. Good Luck!