Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, October 31, 2010

Temperatures have finally fallen into the normal least since they fell all day long. It was 43 degrees at 6 AM today but just 27 degrees at 6 PM. Both yesterday and today we had some lake effect precipitation. The difference was that yesterday (Saturday) it was rain showers--at least after an early morning flurry, while today it was snow showers.

At least the first half of the week will be "seasonable" with regards to temperatures. It will also be precipitation free until Thursday. Or so they say.


Terry came up on Friday evening so as to pick up some beef ($3 a pound for a quarter of a steer could not be passed up) and returned to PA Saturday afternoon.


My walks/sits in the woods have yet to produce any venison. Heck, they haven't even yielded a fleeting glimpse of a deer. I'll be out again tomorrow, hopefully with enough fresh snow on the ground to let me know if there is anything out there to hunt and where.


Tuesday, I'll leave the Bolt Hole bright and early to return to PA to cast my vote. Then I'll sit back in the evening to watch the returns. I'll be back up at the Bolt Hole on Wednesday morning to give it one last try through the weekend.

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JDP said...

Good luck with the hunting. I wish the entire country good luck with the election. Talk about time for a change.