Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aerie Report, October 13. 2010

Quite cold when I woke this morning with a heavy frost over everything standing still. The thermometer read just 26 degrees at 6:30 AM before the sun came up over the hill. It was nearly 10 AM before the frost had melted and there was a steady drip of water off the eaves of the cabin. Still, it was time to pack up the truck, hook up the utility trailer and shuffle off down the road to Pennsylvania.

The weather was great and the ride went smoothly except for a long delay at the toll booth off the Geneva exit of the NYS Thruway. No idea what the problem was but I've never seen such a long line at this booth before. If I had not had the trailer, I would have been using the EZ-Pass lane...which was empty. Instead I was using the lone manned toll booth and it was 1) slow and 2) extremely crowded. Oh, well, at least no one in front of me had any annoying liberal bumper stickers. And I got to listen to Rush Limbaugh a little longer.


I returned to the Aerie today dragging the log splitter and utility trailer along with me, but there were several reasons for my trip down to PA besides the return of the trailer and splitter. In no particular order they include:
1- I needed to do my laundry
2- It's supposed to rain--hard--for two days but harder near the Bolt Hole than the Aerie
3- I needed to check my snail mail
4- I needed a change in diet--preferably to something I didn't have to cook
5- I was getting lonely
6- I missed Terry (not necessarily the same as feeling lonely, if you catch my drift)
7- I did not miss the cats. Nor did they miss me. They regularly ignore me on a normal basis except when it is meal time.


I'll be returning to the Bolt Hole on Friday so as to "participate" in the muzzle loader hunt. (Well, maybe those quotation marks are uncalled for. I will be out hunting. It's the finding and shooting that may be lacking.)

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