Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, October 19, 2010

Still nothing.

After doing some shopping yesterday I went out and sat in one spot until dusk. Saw nothing but chickadees and one red squirrel set to silent running mode. Perhaps that squirrel was reacting to my presence or to the sound of yipping, whining, barking coyotes I heard in the not too far away distance. They were heading away from where I was, however.

This morning we had 25 degrees on the thermometer at 6 AM. This, as can be expected, produced one very heavy frost on all surfaces. Moving around fixing breakfast and building up the fires in the wood stoves, I felt like hell and decided I would not go out. Instead, I watched a doe and her fawn from my back window. They were only there fro a few minutes before trotting off to the west behind the barn. They were here yesterday morning, too, with another small doe in their wake.

I felt better about staying in when I realized the fallen leaves would snap, crackle and pop under foot if I went out to do any walking. At least that's the sound they would have made until the lake effect rain that fell at 8 AM. That rain melted the frost even though the temperatures were still just around the freezing mark.

Mark did go out to check the game cameras but he was back before 8 AM, also. The cameras did show the doe and her fawn and a 4-point buck...at 3 AM. Where he and his fellow males are holding up during the shooting hours is anybody's guess. Should the rut start, however, they'll be chasing the does around.

Weather.com is saying it will be cold again tonight but there should be no showers tomorrow. (Today we had a little of this and a little of that all day long.) Thursday afternoon and night might bring some snow flurries this way. The average date for the first snow fall is around October 22nd in this area so that's right on the money.


threecollie said...

I know this is normal fall weather but it sure isn't very comfy is it?

JDP said...

Keep after em Joated, you never know when that buck is going to make an appearance.