Friday, October 01, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, October 1, 2010

I enjoyed an uneventful ride to the northland. I ran into no rain although there were a few spots where it appeared that it had rained shortly before my arrival.

Radio news carried several reports of flooded roads but not where I was riding. Many of the rivers and streams I crossed were very high but that's to be expected. When I emptied the rain gauge this morning at the Aerie there was 5 inches of water in it. Syracuse reported only 2.66 inches but even that was good for a September record. (Most in any given 24-hour period in that city.)

I also heard on the radio that some sections of Route 11 around the Cortland area were affected by mud slides, but I skirted west of that area on Routes 13 and 281 and saw none of that. Then there were reports about a failed retaining wall in Polaski, NY on the Salmon River. Being on Lake Ontario, that was much further northwest than I was going. The West Canada Creek and Mohawk River were extremely high and, in spots, out of their banks, but even they were still below the danger levels.

The only traffic tie-up I saw was on I-481 where the southbound lanes were being closed so crews could install some new overhead signs.

Arriving at the Bolt Hole I unhitched the trailer and then checked in with Mark. He had a 5 gallon bucket sitting in his yard that had close to 7 inches of water in it. Since these buckets are pretty close to cylindrical--having the same diameter at the top and bottom--that 7 inches is within an inch or so of the real measure of rain in the area. Points east of here had even more. It didn't even stop raining over in Albany area until closer to 1 PM this afternoon.

The forecast for the area of the Bolt Hole is for a clear and very cool night (40 degrees or there abouts) and mostly sunny but cool (mid 50s) on Saturday. There's a chance of some more showers late Saturday night but that's about it until mid week.

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