Friday, October 15, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, October 14, 2010

Well...I'm back at the Bolt Hole for a week. New York's muzzle loader season starts tomorrow morning and I've got my smoke pole with me. It's an either sex season and the freezer is empty so I'll me playing the "if-it's-brown-it's-down" game. I usually don't like to do that since the doe is mighty important in helping to "grow the herd" but so far this summer, the "herd" has been two does, one fawn and not much else. I'll also be confining myself to the 40-50 acres of land immediately surrounding the cabin (34 of them are mine to begin with while there's 10K acres of state land abutting me) since it currently looks like I'll be on my own. Mark hasn't been seen for nearly a week.

Might get off to a slow start tomorrow, too. The nor'easter that's sitting in New England has been spinning lots of cold, wet air over the southwest Dacks where the Bolt Hole is located and it's currently raining cats and dogs. Could be worse. The radar shows some purple and blue areas over the High Peaks region to the northeast. Those colors usually indicate ice and snow. The temperature here (at 1800 feet) is just 41 degrees so those peaks--which reach over 5K feet--could easily be getting snow. In fact, I just checked the Mt. Washington Observatory web page and they have 30 degrees and snow with winds gusting up to 60 mph. Can't see anything through their web cams since there's snow caked up on all the lenses.

Anyway, the rain is supposed to continue through the night before slacking off to showers in the morning. I'll be out as soon as the rain lets up but will be really, really careful about those wet rocks, roots and leaves. No need to go wrenching my knee again like last year!


Rev. Paul said...

Good luck with the smokepole. Did that for a number of years; it's a blast!

Okay, sorry for that one.

joated said...

Dude! I came t-h-i-s close to hitting the delete button for that pun.

JDP said...

Hope you get a deer!