Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, October 28, 2010

Jeez! Where has the week gone?

Still nothing to report on the hunting here at the Bolt Hole. between torrential rains, high winds and higher than usual temperatures, I've not even been spotting a tail as/when I go out.

And now I've got telephone troubles. yesterday, Mark said he tried calling here several times only to get a different household. Then, when Terry's nightly call didn't arrive this evening, I picked up the phone to call her only to find I had no dial tone. My cell phone (Verizon) doesn't work here so I was all set to go down the road to where I can get a signal just as Mark showed up. He's got a different provider (AT&T?) and was able to call the phone company from my yard. There's a serviceman checking the line as I type this but it may be tomorrow before things get straightened out.

Temperatures have been in the high 50s the last few days and that is about 15 degrees higher than usual. Add two nights of torrential rains (over 1.5 inches easily) and 20-25 mph winds this afternoon and conditions have not been good for hunting. With the higher than usual temperatures, deer who have already donned their winter coats do not want to move around during the day and does are not going into rut. When it is raining during the day, it's no time to be out sitting in the woods or even walking around unless you are actively in search of pneumonia. And the abundant water has made all the boggy areas pools and the creeks deep, wide and noisy. And with the wind rattling the beech leaves, blowing them horizontally, and showering the forest with falling tree limbs and you've no chance of hearing or seeing a deer but a great chance of getting brained!

Sooo...there's no venison in the freezer. *sigh*

Looks like I'll have to buy some beef. Luckily, the guy Mark is working for over near Fonda has some for sale at $3 a pound. He raises the unwanted calves from the dairy and cattle farms to slaughtering size and then has them butchered. He sells a few and puts a few in his freezer. Someone backed out of buying one he had already had butchered and is willing to sell it and I’m willing to buy.


TenMile said...

Joated: 'Tis little of my business, but I've been wondering how you get the posts out if: the phone has problems and the cell has problems.

I believe, if I had Verizon and couldn't get out from locale, but could post, I'd look into a scheduled Skype or other IM capablity.

Just sayin', you understand. And not worry to much about the cell.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm sorry the hunting came up empty this year. Phone troubles, too ... never rains but it pours. Oops, it's been raining, too. I'd better stop. :)

joated said...

TenMile, the fact that I had internet service on the land line but no phone was a puzzle all right. In the past I would have lost both but since I signed up for their DSL service I can use the phone AND be on line at the same time even though the rural phone company has yet to run any fiber optics out this way and everything is being done via good old fashioned copper.

Paul, Rain! You had to bring it up!? Woke up on Friday morning to more rain.