Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wine Tour in the Finger Lakes

Six different wineries and a great brunch at Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY.

Wow. What a day!

We stopped at six different wineries along the shores of Lake Seneca during today's bus tour. We started at Castel Grisch outside Watkins Glen. At each of these places we got to sample up to six different wines. In some cases, Terry and I were able to taste even more by selecting different wines as our personal taste and then sharing the each other's sample. Most of the wines we were given were quite sweet with residual sugar content over 3.0% but there were a few drier wines as well.

In a change of pace, I found some of the sweeter, fruitier wines quite good while Terry leaned the other way. Normally, I'm the one who like the dry reds but not today.

We found a few wines at Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards and Torrey Ridge. In all Terry and I came home with a little more than a case of wine but I'll be able to add to that quite easily since the route I take to and from the Bolt Hole can/will take me past these and many other wineries on the east and west side of Lake Seneca.

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