Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Confirmed...'s a whole lot more fun shooting them than cleaning them.

Just spent three hours cleaning the shotgun, rifle and muzzle loader. The bulk of that time was spent with the last. The first two went pretty quickly, actually. The entire process went well using the new Otis Tactical Cleaning System I purchased at Cabela's. The flexible cable that allows you clean from the breech to the muzzle makes so much more sense than using the old ram rod to go the other way. The really hard part of using the Otis Tactical Cleaning System was getting everything back into the little storage case when I was finished.

The three of them are spic and span now and stored in their cases for the trip back to PA tomorrow.

I'm glad I did the shooting yesterday as rain moved in overnight and things were soggy as all get out this morning. The mist and fog we had is finally starting to lift and may clear here by tonight. One good thing about the brought some warmer overnight temperatures. Instead of a low in the high 30s like we had on Monday night, it was in the low 50s when I came downstairs this morning.


Rev. Paul said...

Cleaning is never a LOT of fun, but some firearms are harder than others. I used to use a pre-lubed patch in my muzzleloader which eliminated a lot of the fouling.

joated said...

Ah, but the Powerbelt Bullets (Copper plated, .50 caliber, 245 grains) I'm shooting require no patch.