Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My not so lazy day.

We got 0.86 inches of rain last night and it was still misting a bit this morning. Of course, that meant no chance of staining the deck. The sun did come out--eventually--around 4 PM and things are looking much better. Too bad Terry and I have a meeting with our financial planner tomorrow morning. Might have to wait until after lunch to start staining.

I did get some things done today. I went to Lowe's and picked up a new set of drawer glides to replace the broken one in the RV. Then I installed them. They both got replaced because the replacements were just a little bit larger (wider) than the originals. Pulling out one of the other drawers I noticed a missing plastic piece on one of the glides. The same piece lead to the failure of the drawer I just repaired. Luckily, I had a spare glide from the set I had to replace so that got fixed pronto.

While at Lowe's I also got an adapter and a cap to go over my freshwater intake so as to keep dust and dirt out. Still have to see about a 30 AMP extension cord and getting the power cord from the camper repaired. (The plug end has separated from the thick insulating rubber coating on the wire. The three wires are still connected but they are now exposed. I could live with it, but Terry is concerned. And when Terry gets concerned....)

Then we got a call from the notary down in Mansfield. She had just received all the papers and payments from Camping World and we could come pick up our registration and license plate whenever we wanted to--which was now. (Ever drive around with out a license plate? Even if you've got one of those temporary paper tags in the rear window, you are constantly waiting for some cop to pull you over. Mine wasn't even in the rear window but on the side. I thought sure some cope would pull me over as we drove to and from West Wareham, MA but it didn't happen. They were out there. I saw them. But they were either setting up or manning radar sites or already had someone else pulled over. Whew!) Anyway, so now the Winnie has a real plate on the rear and I don't feel so paranoid anymore.

Having gotten the PA plate and registration, I had to schedule an inspection. There's a place just over the other side of the valley in Mansfield that does inspections of motorhomes. I called and will take the Winnie over on Friday morning.

Oh, and I called Camping World to find out about the shower caddy that needed to be replaced. The part came in yesterday and I set an appointment to have that installed September 20th. They should have the tow dolly assembled when we get there.

Other than that, we had one meal of delightful clam chowder and another of left over fish with quahog stuffing, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes. MMM-mmm GOOD!

R.A. Dickey won his 18th game (18-4) for the Mets. Not bad for a 38 year-old knuckleballer.
Beer is cold, Chips are available. The NFL starts tonight: Cowboys at the Giants. Go Giants!

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