Monday, September 24, 2012

Up North for a bit

Up north at the Bolt Hole for the first time in a long time.

I don't hear any mice rummaging about but that's probably because they ate all the soap in the bathroom.

The temperature will be in the upper 30s here in the southwestern Adirondacks tonight. It was 50 when I arrived at 6 PM. Luckily I was able to start a fire in the wood stove.It's supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow but that will bring some showers on Wednesday. Or so they say.

I plan on closing the place up (draining the water lines and emptying the fridge) for the winter. Usually I spend some time hunting here, but my buddy Mark reports there have been virtually no pictures of deer on the game cameras for a month. Bear have left the area, too. Yet, this evening at about 7 PM I went out to the truck ans spooked at least 4 deer from the road in front of the cabin where they must have been looking for dropped apples. I couldn't see any horns on those I got a chance to get a peek at. They weren't in any hurry to leave, either.

I brought up a couple of rifles and a shotgun (slug gun) I haven't shot in more than a year. (I did point the .270 at a couple of deer in PA last fall, but they didn't have the requisite horns needed to become legal targets.) I'll set up a target in the back tomorrow and check to see if the scopes on two of them (the bolt action .270 and the slug gun) are still okay. The lever action .30-.30 has iron sights as does the muzzle loader, so I'll be firing them just for fun.

I seldom have a shot over 50 yards in the woods I hunt in PA so my concern is just how accurate I am at that distance. If I want to stretch things out, I'll have to go to the range in Mansfield where they have distances to 200 yards laid out. I keep telling myself I have to go over there anyway to get a better feel for the M&P .40 and the Super Redhawk in .45 magnum. (But, damn!, that ammunition is expensive!) I couldn't bring the pistol and revolver up because, as a PA resident, that would be a major no-no in NY State.

In any event, I'll be here until Thursday when I head back to the Aerie. (The Tundra goes in for an oil change and inspection on Friday afternoon.)


Terry stayed home with the pussycats. We've got someone coming tomorrow afternoon to take water samples from our well. Seems there may be some gas drilling (Shell) within 3/4 of a mile from or property  and they wish to establish a baseline on the water quality before they start.

We've got the name of the property owner on whose land the drilling is to occur but it doesn't help us much in figuring out exactly where. The land belongs to a hunting club that has many, many acres on the top of the hill. Some of those acres abut our property and some already have clearings where the wind farm folks did some testing prior to installing windmills. And there are windmills on some of the clubs property, too.

Anyway, should they sink a well and it produces, we may end up collecting some royalties. Not as much as Jed Clampett--or even some of the other folks around the area, but some. And that thought makes me 8-)


Rev. Paul said...

That title had me excited until I realized you're only as far north as the Bolt Hole.

Sounds like you're going to have a good time; I miss deer season, so I follow yours with more than mere interest ... like Brigid's reports, I "hunt" vicariously through yours.

joated said...

Gee, Paul. Thanks for putting some added pressure on my shoulders.

(Oh, not to actually bag anything. THAT depends upon the whim of the gods to send game my way when I've more or less confined myself to a small a parcel of land--just 17 acres. But to report on the days afield in a timely manner. I'll have to read up on some Zane Grey and Jim Zumbo and Patrick J. McManus. (Most of my outings end up like Pat's. *sigh*)