Tuesday, September 18, 2012


After getting about 0.55 inches of rain last Saturday afternoon/evening, we had two nice fall days. Daytime highs got to around 70 and the nights' lows were around 50-55 degrees.

Terry and I took advantage of the nice weather on Monday to do some work inside the Winnebago (it goes for some service on Thursday and two nights of camping) and to clean up the garden. We pulled up all the tomato and cucumber plants and bagged them for the landfill. The blight fungus got to the tomatoes and it was sad to have to throw dozens of partially and totally unripened tomatoes into the garbage bags. Still, we got more tomatoes this year than ever before. And all out of just two cherry tomato plants, two early girls, and two larger, indeterminate plants.The only things still in the garden? The zucchini plants-although there are no promising fruit on the horizon--and the recently planted snap peas--which have loved these rains and cool nights.

Monday night we went to Gregory's in Mansfield to celebrate my birthday. The restaurant is in an historic building in the center of town and a short distance from Mansfield University. It used to be called Mark's Brothers, but the current owner purchased it last year after starting work there 30 years ago as a dishwasher. He later helped as a cook and then moved up to eventually become head chef.

The rain returned last night--along with some winds. Some of those winds had gusts between 35 and 40 MPH. Nothing compared to what some folks are experiencing. With the amount of rain forecast and reported from the Elmira/Corning television stations, I expect I find we have well over one inch of rain from this storm.

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Rev. Paul said...

Your lows are our highs, but otherwise our weather's wet - and windy, but you already linked to that.

Glad you had a good birthday; if that's not worth celebrating at our age, then nothing is!