Monday, December 10, 2012

Southward Bound

Terry and I will be riding down to the vicinity of the city of New Orleans the end of January for the Mardi Gras.

A couple we met on our Alaskan trip in 2010 have been hosting a MAJOR party for Mardi Gras over the last two years. We begged off in the past because the travel trailer was in the barn at the Bolt Hole and by the end of January, the snow made it impossible to get it out and back easily. This year, with the Winnie sitting in the Aerie's driveway, we are going. James and Yvette, who live in Lafayette, have made the campground reservations and set up cajun food tours, trips to several "small" town parades. (We'll stay away from the BIG one down in N'orlins. Too over rated and dangerous to go into the city according to the "locals.") We'll even build our own float and tow it in one of the parades in Kaplan, LA on February 12th.

I'll be writing more about our preparations sometime in mid-January. (We should be departing the Aerie around January 27th.)


Rev. Paul said...

That sounds like fun! Just be back in time for your trip here for the first Saturday in March (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

joated said...

Man, I wish I could, Paul. I'll just have to follow the race online...again. We should be back at the Aerie around the Feb 17th so I guess I'll miss the Quest which starts on Feb 2nd. (Although, I'll have my laptop with me and will pobably provide daily updates to the rest of our group.)