Thursday, October 03, 2013

Fall Colors Have Arrived--maybe.
Or, maybe they've come and gone.

I drove out to Leonard Harrison State Park on Wednesday to get a look at what the fall colors might be like along that section of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. It was overcast and hazy so that caused some of the colors to be subdued but there were also vast swaths of green that were NOT caused by pine trees and many, many trees already defoliated. Was I too early or too late to catch the colors at their peak? I may have to return this weekend to see.

View to the north from overlook at Leonard Harrison SP.

View to the west from overlook at Leonard Harrison SP.

View to the south from overlook at Leonard Harrison SP.

I wasn't the only one out leaf peeping. The parking lot had several dozen cars including at least one from Ontario, Missouri (an RV), New York and New Jersey. There were lots of motorcyclists too. That's not too surprising as Route 6 appears to be a favorite path for bikers. Even the ride into the park on Route 660 is a pleasant experience--especially, I imagine on a bike. It's a meandering, rolling road that is just pleasant to travel on.

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Rev. Paul said...

Our colors are already beginning to fade, and the trees have lost nearly half their leaves (many since yesterday). And there's more snow in the mountains today. That forecast about an early winter is looking more & more likely.

I hope you didn't miss the changing colors, though. Good luck next trip!