Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quiet at the Aerie

Been kind of quiet around here with just me and the cats.

Terry was in Louisville for an Embroiderer's Guild of America convention. She returned last evening and said she had a good time but complained of a knot in her shoulder blades from holding her stitching materials too long.One of her classes was a beading class and she returned with a very pretty necklace.

She'll be hitting the road again next weekend heading to Texas (Smocking Arts Guild of America) and then California (Anaheim for Jess and north of SF Bay for her sister and niece). As we tend to do when not in a rush, she's driving. It's a great way to see the country and appreciate the beauty and size of the US of A. First she took her little yellow Aveo to Kentucky. Next, because she will have to haul some stuff out to Anaheim, she'll be taking the Jeep Compass. And the 4-wheel drive might be necessary as she heads up to American Canyon, CA before turning east and heading through the mountains and the plains to come home in early November.

Me? I'm the stay-at-home cat carer. I've also been rehabbing my knees (12-weks old tomorrow). And they are doing better now that I'm sure to do my exercises daily. I'm still having pain as I head down the stairs, but depending upon the day--and time of day--it's better. Going up stairs is much better but still slow going. Flat surfaces are a piece of cake and even walking over some uneven surfaces (the lawn, not the woods) is relatively painless.

This week I've two sessions of physical therapy, a visit to the surgeon (last follow-up session), an Audubon Club meeting, and the RV has to be taken to get a couple of things done. Other than that, there's not much happening.

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Rev. Paul said...

Nope, nothing going on at all ... a conclusion unsupported by your narrative.

I'm glad your knees continue to improve, and will include safe travels for Terry in my prayers.