Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekly Report from the Aerie

It's been a quiet week with Terry off on her Grand Tour. Since Wednesday, the weather has been...well changeable. If you didn't like what was happening, all you had to do was drive five miles or wait 15 minutes. It was spitting rain, snow and sleet between periods of sun--sometimes while the rain was falling--and grand blue skies. Friday afternoon that spelled a beautiful rainbow that lasted for all of five minutes before the clouds got in front of the sun. Daytime temps have been in the low 40s and it has dropped to around 30 over night. And the nights are definitely longer each and every day. Autumn has certainly arrived.


Terry's SAGA Convention in Frisco, TX has ended and she headed west today. Went 300 miles and she's STILL in Texas. She plans on being in Anaheim, CA on Tuesday to visit with Jessica for a couple of days. (And empty the Jeep!)

After that, she's heading up the coast to visit her sister Lucille and niece Laura. There might be some guys involved there too, but the only one I remember is Laura's baby Matthew. ;-)


Thursday I drove down to my buddy Joe's place to return a jacket Terry had repaired for him. I brought my S&W M&P .40 with me and we ran through a box of ammo. I'm still searching for the "right" ammo for that pistol. I've not shot it a great deal, but the Winchester 165 gr JHP seems to be better than the 180 gr I bought when I first got the gun. Still shoots a little low, but at least I could get it on the paper this time.


Friday was PT at Elite. I've got just two more session paid for by the insurance company (unless they give the okay for more) so it looks like I'll be "graduating" to self torture. I have the option of paying a small fee to use their facilities under the guidance of a tech. For just $60 a month I'd have two land sessions a week. For $90 I can go in the pool twice a week. And for $75 I can have one-and-one. I'm thinking about it for both the use of the machines and also the socialization.


Saturday and Sunday have been wall to wall football. If that means I missed the end of WS Game 2 well, so be it. I don't need to spend time looking at the pitcher's nose hairs before every pitch. Or listening to an announcer tell me what's happening when I can see it right in front of me. (Things are different in football, basketball and hockey. So many people are involved in every play and the action is so quick that you need some one to tell you what's happening. Heck, even the announcers have spotters in those sports to tell them WHO is involved. Think a baseball announcer NEEDS a spotter?)

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Rev. Paul said...

I prefer baseball on the radio. If someone's going to describe every move on the field, the mental imagery is preferable. TV coverage should be heavily interspersed with brilliant bursts of silence!