Sunday, June 08, 2014

Happy Birthday to Rick!

It was Rick's birthday today and we (Terry and I) took him and Sandy and Jackie (Sandy's sister) to The Chart House for lunch. Like all Chart Houses (or so they say) they are perched in a location that provides spectacular views. The one in Portland is High above the Willamette River in the southwest quadrant. You get great views back to the east of Mt. Hood, to the northeast of Mt. St. Helens and, occasionally, Mt. Adams.

Sandy, Rick, Jackie, Me and Terry at The Chart House

Mt. Hood viewed from The Chart House, Rick and Sandy live just over 
that first fold in the landscape in the SE section (Woodstock) of Portland.

Mt. St. Helens (and downtown Portland) from The Chart House. 
Mt. Adams would be to the right where those clouds are.

From The Chart House we made our way to The Garden at Elk Rock. An interesting place with an interesting history that no serves as the offices of the Episcopal Bishop of Oregon but is open for the public to enjoy.

Jackie and Sandy at The Garden at Elk Rock

Sandy and Rick at The Garden at Elk Rock

Sandy managed to find a four-leaf clover on the south lawn! And Rick found a leav where all the soft tissue was eaten away and only the veins remained. Sandy is holding that leaf in the photo.

We bid adieu and made our way back the the motel with a case of Faber Honey ("It's from our bees!") to be shared as we see fit--so be nice!

Tomorrow morning after breakfast, Terry and I will be heading west to join up with US Highway 101 and head on down the coast toward California.

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Rev. Paul said...

Beautiful scenery, and good lookin' family!