Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Weekend of the Bear


Friday evening I chased a large bear out of the yard...twice. I think it wanted to come up on the deck to get some sunflower seeds. Easy pickings for a hungry bruin. I just happened to be on the deck when it came down the hill heading for the staris. I yelled. It stopped...and sat down like a good doggy.

Saturday, while on our bird walk at Hills Creek State Park, we had a 1-1/2 year old run across the road just 15 yards ahead of us. We made some noise and waited for a bit to see if Mom was still following him. She didn't follow so either she wasn't around or she had crossed the road before we turned the corner.

Late this afternoon--around 4:00 o'clock, back at the Aerie, a bear did come up on the deck, emptied the bird feeders and pulled down the hummingbird feeder spilling sugar water on the deck. The sugar water left some nice foot prints on the deck.

Later, around 8 o'clock, a 1-1/2 year old appeared in the yard. I went out to shout at it and heard Mom in the brush down the hill. The youngster was reluctant to leave and eventually ambled off down the hill toward Momma. I brought the bird feeders in so there wouldn't be any attractant on the deck.

So three days and at least four bears. Busy weekend.


Terry and I are busy getting the house ready for our Tuesday departure. I did some weeding of the gardens while she did some cleaning up inside. Tomorrow I'll be mowing the lawn (Hopefully the sound of the mower will keep the bears away!) and packing all of Jessica's and Rick's stuff into the Tundra. Our suitcases are packed and it will be a matter of minutes to throw them into the back seat. Terry has a luncheon and I've a couple of errands to be run down in Mansfield and we'll be all set to hit the road west.


Rev. Paul said...

Interesting pack of bruins you've got, there. :)

Stay safe on the road, friends.

Ellie said...

You have driven from PA to OR in 3&1/2 days?

You are crazy? Organized? Wild!