Thursday, June 12, 2014

Monday on the Oregon Coast.

Jeez! Time flies when you're busy driving.

Monday we left Rick and Sandy and drove west northwest out of Portland on Route 26 until we intersected US-101 just north of Cannon Beach. We then turned south. It was either that or get wet.

We followed US-101 along the coast hoping to get to Eureka, CA before we stopped for the night. Didn't happen.

Too many places to pull out and view the coast. Surf, rocks, sand, rocks, a whale or two, a few interesting birds all caused delays. So did our lunch in Newport at Georgies where we had a fine meal (razor clam for Terry and halibut fish and chips for me) and got a tip from our waitress. "Don't miss Shore Acres Gardens outside of Coos Bay," she said.

The coast was beautiful; the whale sighting unexpected; the Bald Eagle an extra; and the gardens a treasure.

Here's just a view of the sights we had along the coast on Monday. I'm pretty sure they are out of order, but...Hey!...YOU weren't there so how would you know?

The D River. Shortest in the world! You're looking at the whole thing 
as it runs from the pond to the ocean. 

It was running late when we got to Coos Bay but we decided to visit Shore Acres any way.

It was nearly 4:30 PM (PDT) when we walked through the gates and began to stroll around to look at what they had. Roses is what they had. Lots of roses. Roses of every hue and age. There were other flowers too, and a few beds were being prepped for summer bloomers after having had tulips and daffodils. Our lunchtime waitress was right: This little state park is not to be missed.

As I said, there were some other flowers out in the beds but there were also a few beauties in the two small greenhouses on the property. These begonias for example.

We never did make Eureka, CA. Ended our day just north of the border still in Oregon and still on US-101.


Rev. Paul said...

Those are some spectacular photos, my friend. Thanks for sharing them.

joated said...

Thanks Rev. I'm getting better at shooting photos...and using Photoshop to improve them. Appreciate the compliment and you're quite welcome.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

The photos are amazing...Thanks