Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday in Portland

Today there was a lot of activity on the waterfront. Fairs, markets, food courts, tall ships, Navy ships, and Dragon Boat Races. Rick and Sandy took us down to the Willamette River to see (some of) it.

We watched a couple of heats (#18 and 19?) of the Dragon Boat Races. Short sprints by teams of about a quarter mile.
And the winner of heat 18 is... 

...the Civil Serpents!

We ate lunch along the waterfront at the food vendors. There were plenty to choose from! Then strolled past the one tall ship from the Canadian Navy, two vessels from the US Coast Guard, and two ships from the US Navy. There were tours on most but the lines were ridiculously long.

We finished our walk back a block away from where we parked at Ira's Fountain just west of the Federal Building and town hall.

Ira's Fountain

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Rev. Paul said...

Looks like a beautiful place.