Saturday, January 03, 2015

Feeling Better! Honest!

I've nearly recovered from the case of the horribles I brought back from our trip to California. I blame the long last day as well as the way the kids has us running around Disneyland. And the roller coaster of weather systems we've had here at the Aerie and on the west coast. Fifty/sixty degrees one day followed by ice/sleet/rain/snow and 20 degrees a day later? Crazy!

Terry started a day after I did and seems to have been hit harder, but even she is now getting over it. She decided to visit the doctor on Friday morning and got a prescription for an inhaler. Otherwise, we were chugging various brands of cough medicines.

Ironically, Terry did get a flu shot this year. I know that they have since said it was the wrong strain of flu, but they still strongly encouraged--and continue to encourage--people to get the shot. I didn't get a shot and seem to have gotten off more lightly in terms of duration and severity. Must be all those years of being exposed to every germ imaginable while teaching.

None of the kids seem to have gotten sick. And considering the hours and hard work Jessica was doing as both a guide and Disney employee, that's amazing.


My doctors appointment on Tuesday was postponed because he had emergency surgery. The consultation/preop exam will now take place this Tuesday, January 6th. I hope to find out what he has in mind then. As bad as my back and legs felt in Disneyland, that's how good they have felt the last couple of days. I know the spine didn't magically repair itself, so I'm still looking for a surgical fix.

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Rev. Paul said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better, sir. Take care of yourself, hear?