Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some of Terry's Projects from 2014

While I've been out doing manly things like hunting, fishing, gardening, tree felling, wood cutting and yard maintenance, Terry has been cranking out projects in her little (over stuffed) sewing room like crazy this past year. They type of project varies with whatever inspires her at the time. However, she has been sticking to small stuff for the most part. Things she can pretty much do in half her lap while a cat is occupying the other half. Even then things can get a little dicey. Many projects contain some cat fur but that's a recognized hazard of the craft.

She has been doing a lot of beading work lately. (Something not usually associated with either Embroidery or Smocking, but which seems to show up quite frequently when they talk about what skills they would like to learn or projects they would like to complete. Call it a shiny distraction from the norm if you will.)

In the bracelet above, the smaller beads actually form the bezel that holds the larger stones in place. (To me, this looks like something Wonder Woman would use to deflect bullets.)

This bracelet is a little less massive. Again the smaller beads from the bezel and tie the three larger stones together. 

Far lighter still was this necklace that appears to be made form a series of shells or flower petals.

Terry likes doing her "bling" projects because when she wears them to a meeting, they always get comments from the ladies.

That doesn't mean she has ignored her Smocking, however.

 This piece of smocked fabric (with beads!) is destined to become a tree ornament...soon.

And Terry even branched out a little this year doing some quilting. With the Messingers turning out grandchildren at a rapid pace (two or three a year!) Terry knocked together two baby blankets for this year's arrivals.

The embroidered panels were actually done by someone else. Terry picked them up at a fundraising auction for a couple of bucks which saved her quite a bit of time on completing these particular projects. Time she eventually had to use to fight Julie the cat off the material as she was trying to sew it together.

The items above are only a small sample of things she has worked on this year. Several have been sent out to be framed. Others have found their way into the jewelry box or gift boxes.

The calendar has flipped to 2015 and more projects are stacking up in Terry's sewing room. (Faster than they are getting done!) And the Messingers are still producing grandchildren while we've one of our own on the way so Terry better get cracking!


threecollie said...

What a incredibly talented and patient lady. These are beautiful!

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Loved all of it. The bead work leaves me in awe.... truly... I know how much work goes into those pieces. I loved the smocked dresses my mom made. Bravo, Terry. Thanks for sharing!