Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Finished Smocking Projects

Terry finished up two smocking projects this weekend. Quite an accomplishment as she had to work around the bulky framework of Chester.

 The first was a Wee Care Gown. One of the service projects of the Smocking Arts Guild of America is to provide these little gowns to still born babies across the country. Each chapter donates dozens of them to local hospitals.

The second project was this smocked Christmas ornament She added the ribbons on the top and bottom to the ball I had featured a week or so ago. While these are certainly less fragile than the old glass ornaments, they are still somewhat dangerous for little kids or cats. There are dozens of straight pins in this thing!

We've probably got a dozen of these 3" diameter ornaments in various colors. If we ever get around to putting up a Christmas tree again, we might need two--or three! One just for the smocked and stitched ornaments, one for the Hallmark ornaments and one for all the other ornaments.


Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

The gown is so sweet. I never heard of this project before, how special. Kinda made me teary eyed.

The ornament is lovely and looks totally harmless!

Bonnie Sommer said...

Terri, these are both beautiful - and the thought behind the Gown is just so poignant...