Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Health and College Football

Sorry about the lack of posting lately I've been battling a head/chest cold that threatens my upcoming back surgery. (I seem to be winning, however, and a call as to whether or not the surgery will need to be postponed will wait until at least Friday.)

Terry and I do have appointments over at Robert Packer Hospital on Sayre tomorrow. She goes for a mammogram and I get to be fitted for a back brace.


College football season came to a close Monday night with the crowning of Ohio State as National Champions. I have to admit that, while I was rooting for them, I picked the Ducks because I wasn't sure a red-shirt freshmen making just his third start at quarterback could do the job. As someone said, "Third string? Who the hell did they have ahead of him? Johnny Unitas and Joe Theisman?"

Yeah. Cardale Jones did just fine on the big stage; 16 of 23 for 242 yards, one passing TD and one rushing TD. And that Ezekiel Elliot kid didn't do too badly running the ball, either; 36 carries for 246 yards and four TDs.

Guess the biggest question in Columbus for the next few months will be who the heck is their starting QB going to be?


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