Thursday, December 12, 2013

Drilling [UPDATED]

So. Yesterday the well drillers were supposed to start on our new well. They sent a crew out with a dump truck and spread cinders all over our driveway and up to the site of the well, lost a nut that held the broadcast spreader on the back of the truck and left.

No one else showed up so I called after lunch to find out what was going on. They couldn't get their rig started in the cold weather. (It was 9 degrees on Wednesday morning.) They were hoping to get to us on Thursday.

Thursday morning we had 7 degrees on the deck so I didn't have too much hope for them showing up. But they did. They pulled in at 8 AM and, after a little shuffling about of vehicles (and sending Terry and her Jeep off to Curves), they were able to get the drilling rig into the site and started setting up.

Drilling has been slow, however, as their water hoses keep freezing up on them. (It's gotten all the way up to 15 degrees.) And drilling without water to keep the bit cool is not a good way to extend the life of your bit. If they can get down to a point where ground water starts to seep in then they won't have to worry about hoses.

The "plan" was to get down to around 200 feet today but the temperatures may have put a damper on that. The average well in the area goes down 350-400 feet. We shall see.Whatever gets done--and whenever it gets done--there will be one heck of a mess int he driveway from the tailings to the overflow water. With luck, much of the worst of it will be in the small patch of woods between the well site and the driveway.


The forecast for the weekend calls for 4 to 8 inches of snow starting after midnight on Friday through noon on Sunday. It will be getting warmer though. Highs are to be in the mid to upper 20s.



The guys called it a day around 4 PM. They didn't get very deep; just 30-35 feet. The water hoses kept freezing up. They will be back tomorrow and say that they'll get much, much deeper tomorrow.

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