Monday, December 09, 2013

Week 20: Knees vs Stairs
Not Hunting

While I still haven't gotten to the point where I feel no pain, things are steadily improving. So far the stairs are the only sore spot in my recovery. Especially going down stairs. Walking on rough terrain or smooth surfaces like parking lots or WalMart, produces little or no pain or difficulties.

Stairs are a differnt animal. Going up yields some discomfort in the left knee. Going down is even worse. If I do some work nthe stationary bike it loosens things up a little more and the pain is less. IF I were to do my exercises, I'm sure things would be even better.

I've been something of a slacker the last few weeks. All the round trips into New Jersey, the going up and down stairs at Mom's house as we cleaned things out, moving that same stuff up and down stairs at the Aerie, going up and down the hill to hunt, etc. provided plenty of exercise...I thought. I'll have to get back to a daily routine of stretches and exercises.


Joe, from Andrews Well Drilling, showed up today to mark the site of our new well and get a signed contract. They'll be coming on Wednesday unstead of Tuesday. The company's owner died at age 79 on Friday after a lengthy bout with cancer.

This afternoon and part of tomorrow I'll be moving things around so they can get their drilling rig into the area. If things go with out a hitch, we should have clean water this weekend.


We got just a tiny bit of snow Sunday night capped by a crust of ice. The soft snow made cleaning off the windshield of the Tundra easy. Heck, even the driveway was easy to shovel. Early in the day we had some freezing fog that left a coating of ice on the upper portion of the trees around the Aerie and a glistening coating onthe goldenrod fields down the bottom of the hills. After I got the driveway shoveled, the TOAD trailer (the one that hauls the Aveo behind the RV) moved, and Terry to move the Aveo out of its winter parking spot, it started snowing. Terry was on the phone with a firend who lives jsut 10 miles away and she said she had blue skies. We never got those blue skies. THe best we got was a high temperature of 36 degrees.

Some snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning but there shouldn't be much. Overcast skies, snow flurries and dropping temperatures will be our lot this week. Should make well drilling interesting.

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Rev. Paul said...

Our temps are due to tumble back to single- or low double-digits in the next couple of days ... but still no snow in the forecast. We've had precious little of that.

But enough;; I'm so glad your knees continue to improve. Now do your exercises, young man!