Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching up is hard to do.

There you go. I'm still not caught up to where we are tonight. There's a day's travel from Liard Hotsprings to Watson Lake and another from Watson to Teslin to cover, but at least I'm managing to get some photos up.

Tomorrow, Monday, we head from Teslin down to Skagway and reenter the US for a few days. We'll be in Skagway until Friday as we take a trip over to Juneau and another up the pass on the railroad. There's lots to do and I'm sure to have plenty of pictures. Let's also hope that the campground has got some form of wi-fi that is reliable or that there's a good coffee shop nearby that does.

Right now it is approaching midnight and although there's plenty of light outside, I'm pretty much worn out. So later folks...

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