Friday, June 18, 2010

The Ukrainian Cultural Historical Village...
in Pictures (part 2)

The Slemko Bark (1919)

At least four times the size of the house. The storage of hay and housing of the draft animals and cows made it even more important.

The Makowichuk Barn (1918)

Located behind the Grekul House, this barn's thatched roof is gorgeous. The left half of the barn has been given over to chickens. Terry was looking for a hen party, but the hens wanted nothing to do with her.

The Bellis Northern Canadian Railway Station

The metal milk jugs to the right have just been dropped off by this most recent train from Edmonton. Each is marked with the name of the farmer to which it belongs. Filled jugs went to market on the same train. We had missed the train, but not to worry! The next one would be heading to Edmonton on Saturday. (This was Thursday.) I could send a telegram (ten words or less please!) to let folks know I was going to be late, however. Just three cents a word.

The Bellis Home Grain Elevator

I wish we had been able to find the person who was supposed to be here. I would have asked about the shape of the building which every wooden grain elevator I've seen so far uses.

Additionally, there were a couple of 1920s stores (hardware, lumber, etc.), the country farmer's general store, the hotel, a third church (St. Nicholas Russo-Greek Orthodox Church), numerous granaries, and the one-room Russian school on site.

A great place to visit but you'd better brush up on your Ukrainian first. Especially if you wish to converse with the newest immigrants.

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