Friday, June 18, 2010

The Ukrainian Cultural Historical Village...
in Pictures (part 1)

At the main entrance to the village hangs this quilt:

Matrouska Dolls Quilt

Nesting dolls like these, carved out of wood and painted in bright colors, are ever present in Eastern European countries.

Saint Vladimir's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church (1934)

A most elaborate looking church with the familiar onion domes of orthodox churches.

Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (1928)

From the front it looks rather plain, but the sides and rear (especially the southern facing sides are quite elaborate in their own way.

The Grekul House (1918-1919)

A beautiful home with a formal parlor on the right side used only for special occasions and an everyday living area on the left.

The Slemko House (1919)

The house may have been small and simple but the Slemko Barn and Granary were impressive wooden structures.

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