Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, November 4, 2010

I drove back to the Bolt Hole on Wednesday morning with the radio tuned to Glen Beck and learned that I hit 1.000 with my votes on Tuesday. I had known the results for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, US Congressman, and State Representative, but the US Senate contest was a close one and hadn't been called when I hit the sack Tuesday night. I heard nothing on the local radio station when I left and hadn't gone on line before hitting the road, so when, in the midst of a riff on which Democratic Senators and Congressman were not reelected/elected they Beck mentioned that Joe Sestak had not been elected to the Senate, I knew that I had gone 5-for-5. I'm sure the folks in the surrounding cars were wondering why I was shouting "YES!!" and pumping my fist in the air. Hey, at least I wasn't honking the horn. Sheesh!


Getting back to the Bolt Hole, I stowed my gear, had lunch, and got dressed to go out into the woods. I opted to simply sit for the afternoon. It was comfortably cool, and sunny with a light breeze barely swaying the topmost boughs of the fir trees. I was sitting near a sizable creek and the gurgling rush of the water was incredibly soothing. I came t-h-i-s close to falling asleep.

Didn't see any deer, however, before I made my way back to the cabin at sunset. Then the weather changed for the worse.

*sigh* Rain, rain, rain! That was today's weather, tonight's weather and tomorrow's weather prediction. So far they've been correct on the first 24 of the 36 hours. Worse is that they are also predicting rain/snow showers for Friday night! Might not get clear skies--or at least no precipitation--until Saturday.

On one hand, I'm glad it's not snow! With 0.75 inches of rain, that could equal 9 inches of snow. On the other hand, I would have liked to gotten into the woods a little more but the weather has been terrible so far. At my age, I'm not going to go sit in the freakin' FALL rain! (I might do so if I'm out fishing in July or August when it's warm, but in October and November? No way!)

I intend to stay continue hunting around the Bolt Hole (weather permitting) until Monday. Then it will be time to drain the pipes, batten the hatches and head back to PA.


Rev. Paul said...

Congrats on going 5-for-5! All my votes were for the winners, except the possibility of Joe Miller. We won't know the results of that count until late next week.

It's snowing here, by the way - enjoy your warm rains.

joated said...

I should have clarified my comment on snow...I wouldn't mind a few inches of the stuff, just not 9-10 inches.

Well, Moaning Lisa has said she'll caucus with the GOP, but I hope Joe gets the nod anyway.

JDP said...

Good Luck with the hunting Joated, hope the rain lets up. Rifle season opens in Texas in the morning. Frank and Jeff drove to East TX tonight and will be in their deer stands before sunrise.