Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jury Duty

Speaking of important duties as a citizen....

A little over a week ago I got a jury summons for the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That duty will take me over to the county courthouse in Wellsboro...if I am required. As in many locations, one calls in the night before to find out whether or not he/she must report. (That Monday and Tuesday are the two-day bear season here in PA. Bear hunting is usually a group affair and I'm more of a loner so it doesn't bother me to miss any time.)

I've had jury duty several times in New Jersey and sat on two juries while being rejected for--or not called for--several others. I take this seriously for several reasons: First, the persons participating in any trial deserve persons on the jury who will do a fair job, and I believe I do/will; Second, should I ever be in the position of standing before the bar, I would want people who want to be there as opposed to those who couldn't come up with a good excuse; Third, it is one of those "duty" things with me and fits right up there with casting my vote and paying my fair share of taxes. (I may not like what they spend my taxes on, but I realize that someone has to pay for defense and the other things the federal government is supposed to do. Problem is it's also doing an awful lot it should never be doing.)

Anyway, I'll make my call Monday evening before Thanksgiving and if they have need of people I'll be there bright and early...right after I've grabbed breakfast at Mickey D's.

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Rev. Paul said...

I commend you for taking that responsibility seriously (not that I'm surprised).