Monday, November 22, 2010

The Weather

Ahh. The weather. Guess I might as well talk about it since I obviously can't do anything about it.

The past week we've been having some exceptionally warm weather. Ten or so degrees above average warm. That means we've seen the middle of the 50s for the most part--sometimes higher. When there's precipitation, it's in the form of rain, not snow. And there hasn't been all that much precip either. The guys say we've only had 1.6 inches instead of the 3+ that is the average for November. Yeah, there's still a week plus to go but, unless something really ramps up soon, it will be a dry month. (Supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe Friday, though.)

All that's fine by me. Some snow would be nice but I can wait on the shoveling for a month or more. The warm temps have been something of a blessing. We've yet to need a delivery of propane so that's one expenditure that we haven't had to make. Still, I can't help but wonder what the price of propane will be when we finally do get a delivery. If its price has gone up as much as the price of gasoline.... Ouch!

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Rev. Paul said...

While your gas prices have gone up, ours went ... down. No explanation provided; we're at $3.32 now, after months at $3.39. So see? It could be worse. I think.