Monday, November 15, 2010


So...Saturday at sundown the bow hunting season in PA came to a halt.

Sunday morning I looked out the bedroom window at 7:30 AM to see three doe feeding on the lawn...which they continued to do for the next 45 minutes. At times, one of them was within 10 FEET of the house.

Can they actually read the compendium of game laws? Or do they just have some sort of ESP that tells them when they can get away with this sort of behavior?


TenMile said...

Never forget. Each year we kill and eat the dumb ones.

threecollie said...

They know. I think they have little dens where they keep the game laws. We won't see a turkey the whole of hunting season. The day after they parade across the hill behind the house like they owned it.

Rev. Paul said...

I have long suspected that very thing: they read & understand the rule, and better than we do. On the other hand, they may simply be responding to the lack of humans stumbling through the woods at 0-dark-thirty.