Monday, November 22, 2010

Photos (Delayed)

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I was going through the photos I took during our 78 day road trip to Alaska this summer. The idea was to put some of them on a digital picture frame so as to share them with relatives gathering at Grandma's for the holiday.

BUT the frame requires the use of a 250 MB memory card. Each of the pictures I shot in RAW format is some 15 KB in size. TO put many of them on the card for transfer would require first saving them in JPEG format (reduces each to less than 1 KB in size) then moving them to the frame. Loading up a bunch more pictures and loading them up to the frame. It could be done but would be time consuming to say the least. Much easier to simply carry the laptop with me and show the pictures from the computer.

Sorry Brian. Sorry Vicky. I know the frame was a well thought out present for my birthday. But I've just not gotten a round to it.


After looking over the pictures I did take--hundreds and hundreds of them--I came to one positive conclusion: I wanna go back! I get the same feeling any time I see an ad for Sarah Palin's Alaska, or that insurance company's ad with the humpback whale. I just wanna hit the road and head northwest. Now.

It's going to get worse too. As soon as the news from the Iditarod starts pouring in I'll get the fever. Bad.

I could probably never live up there for long. The long, dark winters would drive me nuts. The beauty of the place and the ever changing land and skyscapes, would make the attempt worthwhile, however.

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Rev. Paul said...

It's definitely worth it. The stark beauty of winter, with the moon's glow on the sparkling white mountaintops ... the northern lights hanging like a gossamer, ever-changing curtain overhead ... these things are just as beautiful, in their way, as the long summer hours when it never quite gets dark. Each season presents its own beauty, and serves as its own reward.

You never know until you try - but if one is determined to be an Alaskan, then you need never look back.