Sunday, January 27, 2013

Almost Time to Go

D-Day minus one.

Terry made it home from New Jersey last evening with another load of Jessica's stuff. I'm running out of room to store all this stuff. And still there's more to haul.

This morning we went down to the firehouse in Mansfield for breakfast. There's usually a fundraising breakfast there once a month and we try to support whoever is putting it on. Often that's the volunteer fire company but sometimes it's the Boy Scouts (who also bus the tables at ALL the breakfasts). Who ever it supports, a hot breakfast of bacon, eggs, french toast, pancakes and biscuits and gravy is hard to pass up.

Today we pack our clothes and dried foods into the RV in preparation of an early morning departure for the south. Unfortunately the weather will not be cooperating much. Monday's forecast calls for some wintery mix starting in the predawn hours around here but mostly rain further south. That spells sloppy driving all the way to southern Virginia. Tuesday and Wednesday also look to be wet days with high winds possible and even some scattered tornado activity through Tennessee and Alabama. Hopefully we'll be out of the worst of it once we get to southern Louisiana.

The temperatures are going to be warming up with the 70's possible along the Gulf. That would be one heck of a change as it was 2 degrees down at the fire hall this morning. Up the hill we had 12 degrees at 7 AM, 10 degrees being the low just after midnight.


Rev. Paul said...

Your temp of 14° is some 28 degrees warmer than ours. Enjoy the heat wave!

Srsly, I wish you happy, safe travels. I miss that aspect of living where there are roads heading in multiple directions.

joated said...

Common, Paul, it's not that bad. From Anchorage you can drive north or east or...well, north or east anyway. ;-)