Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Curious Case of the Dog(s) In the Night

What the heck?

After I finished work on the Winnie, I stepped out on the porch to enjoy the sunshine. Two dogs, one a large gray/reddish, brown German shepherd sized beast with a look of a mastiff or pit-bull in his--for there was no doubt that it was a male) face and head, the other a smaller black-with-speck-of-white pooch looked like an Austrailian shepherd came wondering down the hill. The passed behind the house and then down into our driveway. I was still on the deck and spoke softly to them asking what they thought they were doing. Neither had a collar and neither seemd particularly afraid of me. I was up on the deck and they were on the ground so I wasn't concerned for my safety either.

The came around the retaining wall and went under the deck. I yelled at them to come on back out and the did. Then they wandered off down the hill.

Just now, an hour and a half after our first encounter, I heard a sound out on the front door step. Yep, it was the two dogs looking to either bed down on the little porch there or gain access to t he house. The big guy tried to stick his nose in the door when I opened it a crack to tell them to beat it. I had to open and slam closed the door a couple of times before they got the message and went off around the garage.

Taking in a stray kitteh like Miss Kitteh is one thing, but if Terry came home tonight and found two dogs.... Well, let's just say I'd be testing the heating system in the Winnie. (They were healthy and friendly looking though.)


Rev. Paul said...

Interesting, yes. But they'll move on, if they haven't already.

joated said...

Well, I've more work to do outside today. Hope they don't show up because I was sorely tested. They looked like healthy, friendly dogs.

threecollie said...

DAng! Might want to call animal control, or the sheriff or someone like that to see if someone is missing them.