Saturday, January 05, 2013

Photos of Christmas Eve.

{I should have posted these photos a week ago. I've no excuse but will say I STILL haven't posted some I took at Thanksgiving!]

Christmas Eve was spent at my sister Ruthann's house in a continuation of a long, long tradition. My Mom was from a large family (I think it was five sisters and one lone brother) and we used to gather every Christmas eve at one of the girl's houses for a family celebration. The number of people grew and grew as the cousins got older, wed and had kids of their own. We got close to 80 people at the top end.

Then some of Mom's sisters moved to Florida and age began to thin the upper echelon and the tradition sort of faded away.

As they have since those glory days, Ruthann and Al hosted their two daughters' and their families as well as one of Al's sisters (Nancy) and her husband and their two daughters (Lori and Jacki). Lori, in turn, had her husband and little daughter in tow. Some how, I managed to NOT take any pictures of my sister and Al or of Terry and Kristen's husband, Rich. Even so, there was a pretty good crowd in Ruthann's house and it will get larger next year as Lori and Kristen are expecting.

Ryan, Sami and Sandy (one of my nieces) were present along with...

 Ryan, Sami and Sandy

...Aunt Kristen (Sandy's sister and another of my nieces), who liked playing with Sami's new toys.


Al's sister (Nancy) and her husband (Fred) were there...

 Fred and Nancy

...along with their daughters including Lori and her daughter Ashley...

Lori and Ashley

...and her husband, Rhys.(Who was playing with Ashley's toys.)



Rev. Paul said...

Looks like a pretty good crew. Glad you had a good time!

ruthann said...

nice pix!! kj and rhys always seem to like the toys! lol