Friday, January 04, 2013

Common Redpoll has become
common at the Aerie

The Common Redpolls have hit the Aerie in force. We've a flock of around 50 of them flitting around most of the day. There are two or three that I suspect might be Hoary Redpolls (slightly smaller, paler and less striped along their flanks) but they're moving about so much that it's difficult to be 100% sure. (A couple of years ago, I could be sure. One of the little buggers crashed into the window and broke its little neck. Odd thing is that seven years earlier it had been banded up in Quebec by and "expert" who labeled it a Common Redpoll when it had absolutely no striping and was white as a ghost.)

Anyway....Here's a small sample of the invading horde from the north. 

Common Redpolls 

Common Redpolls 

Common Redpolls


threecollie said...

We have a few, but nothing like that many,

Ruth said...

Nice. I've had a few flitting in and out, but nothing like that.

Rev. Paul said...

The eagles, hawks, great horned owls, and ravens prevent us from having many 'small' birds here. I really miss all those songbirds in the Midwest.