Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Bowl Predictions Among the Family

Twenty-three bowl games have been played to date and, counting the six on tap today, there are twelve to go. So how are my sister (Ruthann), niece (Kristen) and I doing with our little friendly pool?

Ruthann jumped out to a big lead by picking the first five contests correctly while Kristen and I only managed to get two right. However, Sis has had a bit of a difficult time since then. Here's the current standings.

Rich (me) 12-11
Kristen     11-12
Ruthann    11-12

We're not exactly setting the world on fire here. 

We do not have a unanimous selection in any of the games played today so there's going to be some shuffling going on. In fact, in the twelve games remaining, we all agree on only two: Florida will beat Louisville, and Oregon will beat Kansas State.


Brigid said...

Happy New Year and may your favorite team win!

joated said...

Happy New Year to you too Brigid. Unfortunately my favorite team, Rutgers, already lost...in overtime. :-(