Wednesday, October 08, 2014


So. Last August--around the 15th--our refrigerator went belly up after almost 8 years of good service. It took a couple of days to get a repairman in to confirm that the problem was going to be really expensive--the compressor was frozen and it would cost a grand to replace it. We decided to get a new one.

We spent a couple of hours looking online searching for a model that would fit into the space we had and didn't have all the bells and whistles that seem popular today. No ice or water dispensers on the door. No ice maker requiring a water hook-up. Found an LG model that would be just right and a GE model that was a little smaller but okay. Then on August 19th we started looking at local stores that might have what we were looking for.

Beiter's didn't have the exact model but could order one for us. But they wanted to charge for delivery and removal of the old fridge. And their prices seemed a bit steep.

Lowe's also could special order the LG model we wanted. Their price would be a little cheaper and they would deliver for free and remove the old one at no charge. The problem was they had to special order it and delivery would be delayed. It would be the end of September before we could get our new refrigerator.

The end of September arrived and the fridge did not. We went down to Lowe's to find out what was happening. (The Lowe's web site for tracking is a worthless piece of shit. Unlike UPS it doesn't tell you where the package is, it only says that your order is "in process" which could mean anything.) We were told on 3 October that the fridge was shipped and is probably on the truck and should arrive any day. Since it was a Friday, they wouldn't get it until Monday the 6th and we went home to await a call of its arrival.

By Wednesday, we had heard nothing so we returned to Lowe's for answers. The young lady at the service desk apologized profusely, took our name and phone number--again--and said she would pass it off to the supervisor of the appliance department who would get back to us.

We waited at home for the call. Which finally got through around 6 PM. It seems the fridge was sitting in the back of Lowe's since 1 October. The super had called LG and they confirmed that they had shipped it and that it should have arrived. She then went through the inventory and noticed a fridge-sized box. She checked the model number and it matched our order but the name on the box was for someone else so it hadn't been logged in properly.

The fridge will be delivered Thursday afternoon.

Luckily we had two microfridges in the house. Nether really has a freezer section but we also have a big chest freezer in the laundry room. One usually holds my beer and other cold beverages. It also holds our left overs when the big fridge is overloaded. The other was used by Jess when she lived with Grandma but had been sitting idle for a long time. I think it will likely be sent off to My Neighbor's Attic when we get back to normal. Or moved into the garage where it can house some bottles of wine.


Rev. Paul said...

Sorry you had such an ordeal; sounds like the way things were in Alaska, until the last five or six years when we finally got some national chain stores up here.

Not fun at all. Glad the new "box" finally got to you!

threecollie said...

Fabulous customer service. Not.