Tuesday, October 07, 2014

This and That, Here and There

I've been taking things easy the last three weeks. Not that I really want to, but because I've still got shooting pains going from my lower back, through my left hip and down into my thigh. The price of spinal stenosis complicated by arthritis, and bulging and misaligned lumbar discs. When I have been active--such as when I had to mow the lawn--the pain isn't as bad as when I first wake up in the morning or when the pain killers wear off at 3 AM. I have an appointment on Thursday with a neurologist's physician's assistant to find out what my options are.


Terry's been back from her trip to Orlando and Wikki Wachee. She'll be heading out for a two day trip to Erie, PA for an EGA Regional meeting on Friday and then a longer trip to Phoenix, AZ (EGA National Convention) and Anaheim, CA (visit to Jessica) on Monday. That one should be about three weeks.


We spent some time cleaning house and hauling recyclables to the dump. One day it was all bottles, cans and plastics. The next day we bundled up a couple of hundred old magazines. In addition, I had spent time cleaning out the shed. Lots of things went into the recycling bags, some went into trash bags and lots of cardboard and wood went into the burn barrel and fire pit.

Then I built a new shelf for the garage. It's three times larger than the two old metal shelves it replaced. And far sturdier. I'll need the sturdiness for when I bring the three batteries in from the RV this winter to keep them charged. (Last year they got too run down and frozen so that two of the three developed bad cells. I replaced all three and do not want to have to do that again.)

When we got done, we had opened up lots of space in the shed, garage, attic and basement. We've still got lots of "stuff" to sort through and either recycle or trash.

Terry will take some of Jessica's stuff out to her on the upcoming trip. She'll also be bringing out some Xmas presents for Jess and Rick and Sandy. We'll be celebrating at Disneyland and it's easier for Terry to drive the presents out than try to carry them on the plane or even ship them via UPS.


Although we had one night where the temperature dropped to 32 degrees, we haven't had a frost yet. As a result, we are still harvesting some cherry tomatoes from the two plants. Every tie Terry uses 15 or 20 in a recipe, she goes out and picks 20-25.

I'm also still getting strawberries from the everbearing plants I put in last spring. The plants didn't look or do so well in June and July, but they've really picked up in late August and through September.

Everything else in the garden has been pulled and I've been working on getting rid of some of the weeds that were growing between the plants. 


We've started putting out seed for the birds and already there have been hordes of chickadees, nuthatches, and gold finches working the feeders. Blue jays, juncos, mourning doves and tufted titmice have also shown up along with gray squirrels and chipmunks. I even spooked a sharp shinned hawk out of a tree along the edge of the yard. The hawk was probably looking to take advantage of a careless small bird.


Deer season started last Saturday...in the rain. Made me feel a little better for 1) not having practiced with my bow and 2) opting to stay inside nursing my back. No way was I going to be able to climb a tree stand with pain shooting down my leg. Muzzleloader (antlerless) starts on the 18th. I've both license and tag for that one, too, and I'll be able to stay on the ground for that so I'll be out testing my luck.


Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Gosh, sorry your still nursing your back. Hope you find some answers and options that help. Cleaning out feels good. Safe travels to Terry!

Rev. Paul said...

Sorry to hear about the ongoing back issues; not fun at all.

Good luck with the deer hunt. I was lucky enough to receive some moose & caribou meat last night. :)