Monday, October 13, 2014

Midseason Undefeated and No Win Teams

We’re half way through the 2014 college football season and most teams have six games under their belt and have played a couple within their conference. Nearly all of the 128 FBS teams have one or more losses. Just six teams remain undefeated…for now. Those teams are:

#1 Mississippi State 6-0 (SEC) The Bulldogs, if they continue their winning ways, will face #3 Ole Miss on Nov 29th and one of them will lose.

#2 Florida State 6-0 (ACC) The Seminoles will be playing #5 Notre Dame—also undefeated—this week. Two undefeated teams will enter, only one will emerge.

#3 Ole Miss 6-0 (SEC) The Rebels will face #1 Mississippi State on Nov 29th. If they are both still undefeated on that date, one of them won’t be that night.

#4 Baylor 6-0 (Big 12) The Bears have been impressive but they have yet to face #11 5-1 Oklahoma (Nov 8); #15 5-1 Oklahoma State (Nov 22) or #14 4-1 Kansas State (Dec 6). They will have to develop a better defense if they want to get past those three. (61-58 against TCU? Really?)

#5 Notre Dame 6-0 (Independent) The Irish play #2Florida State this week. One of them is going down.

#25 Marshall 6-0 (Conference USA) With their schedule, they could…go…all…the…way! Which might get them up into the low teens, but don’t look for The Herd to be in the Top 10 any time soon.

While we’re talking about teams with an “0” in their record, how about those on the other end of the scale. There are three teams that have not won a game and may not win one this year. These teams are:

Idaho 0-6 (Sun Belt) The Vandals have been a sad case for a decade or more. They’ve changed conferences over that time but it hasn’t helped and may not this year.

Kent State 0-6 (Mid American) It’s Kent State for goodness sake. There have been several FCS teams that have moved up to the FBS over the last couple of years. Kent State might want to consider the opposite.

SMU 0-5 (American Athletic) The Mustangs were once a good team. Then they screwed up and were given the death penalty (suspended from play) for a year (1987). They didn’t have a winning season for 20 years and didn’t get to a bowl game until 2009. I’ve no idea why they haven’t won a game yet this year and feel they may win at least one with games against 1-5 Tulsa and 1-5 UConn still to be played.

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