Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Doings by Terry and Me

Terry's EGA Convention ended last night with their closing banquet. Today she successfully made her way from Phoenix to Anaheim today. She says she had to make one brief stop at a Shell station to have her two front tires looked at. The fancy sensor stems were leaking/cracked/broken. The guys replaced them with regular stems so she could get on her way and gave her the fancy ones to take to the Jeep dealer when she gets home. (Now she needs to get her oil changed--Monday AM at 8 AM.)

Other than that she says it was windy along I-10. Oh. And sunny. Lots of sunny. And hot. Very hot.

She and Jess will be going to the "Park" (Disneyland) tomorrow (Sunday).


I got outside again today (after watching Rutgers lose to Nebraska) and dug my trench in the garden. Windy and overcast, the temperatures--high 50s--were excellent for working outdoors. Since it was still light enough when I got done digging, I got the lawnmower out and went to work cutting the grass and mulching up the leaves. I'd get maybe five minutes of cutting before the bag was full and I had to empty it. I filled the trench and filled an area set aside for leaf litter and then some--and still have about half the lawn to cut--the flat half. I should be able to get that done tomorrow.

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