Monday, November 17, 2014

Books and Popcorn To Go

Terry and I took a bunch of stuff down to My Neighbor's Attic this afternoon. Some mismatched stemware, a couple of CD players, a few lady's hats, and a small "dorm" fridge were included in the swag.

We also spent time this morning sorting through the boxes of books that we hauled down from the Bolt Hole. Holy Cow! Where/when did we get all these books?!?

Lots of science fiction, of course, along with sword-and-sorcery fantasy and mysteries from various authors and classic literature. We set a bunch of it aside to be donated to the local libraries. Some got set aside for friends--if they want them. (The whole "Doc" Smith Lensman series, for instance, got put to one side for a friend of Terry's.) Then there are those we set aside because we would like to reread them or because they serve as excellent reference works on topics from writing to gardening and various other topics.

There were a few books too outdated or damaged for any uses. Those will be going into the trash. Tomorrow or Wednesday we'll head to the library with a few hundred books.


While we were out, we also stopped to pick up our BSA popcorn order. I was surprised to see that they no longer package the caramel corn in tins. I'm sure it's a case of cost savings as the tins had to have been an expensive proposition. In addition, the boxes in which the popcorn comes in can hold more bags than tins.

One thing's for certain, the popcorn hasn't gotten any cheaper!


Rev. Paul said...

My wife & I have decided that books multiply in the dark, and expand to fill the space available.

joated said...

It does seem that way, Rev. Paul. You put two of them on the shelf together and next thing you know there are twenty. Things are worse than tribbles.