Saturday, November 08, 2014

I Been Working at the Aerie

I've been doing some small construction the last couple of weeks. After living at the Aerie for 8 years (!?!) I finally decided it was time to remove the old pallets and build a more permanent cover for the septic tank.

I first used concrete blocks and pea gravel to create a level surface on which to build the cover. The gravel and the blocks will lift the "house" high enough to make clearing the structure to access the tank easier.

Because of back pain, I've been going slowly. Very, very slowly. This last week, I finally got around to starting the construction on the base I had built. It's a lot like building a small house with very short walls.

 Here you can see the concrete blocks with a rim of pressure treated 2x4 and atop that is the frame for the cover, also made of pressure treated 2x4 (the base) and cedar with one piece of redwood used as a stretcher in the middle.

Another view of the same stuff as above.

Here, I've added some cedar boards to the ends to close them in and also between the "rafters." The only non-rot resistant wood is in the four 1x3 pieces to which the roof will be nailed.

Speaking of the roof.... I picked up the materials for the roof this morning and cut them to the proper lengths so they are all ready to be installed.

One last view of the frame to which the roof will be attached...tomorrow if the weather permits.

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Rev. Paul said...

Looking good from here ... and I understand about the "slowly" part. Take it easy, pal.