Monday, November 24, 2014

More Books to Go

Terry and I took over 200 used books (hardcovers and paperbacks) to the Green Free Library in Wellsboro on Wednesday and donated them to the library's book store. Then we spent Sunday sorting through and packing up even more (nearly 280 more) for the Mansfield library.

Getting rid of nearly 500 books put a big dent in our own library but we still have thousands (!) of titles on the shelves and in boxes down stairs. There's one box of Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time) books that Jess wants (they were hers to start with) and Rick has asked for the Grey Mouser books (already mailed to him) as well as anything I've still got from the Dungeons and Dragons collection.

Slowly but steadily we are decluttering by donating to the libraries and My Neighbors Closet (second hand store). Plenty of that left to do!

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Rev. Paul said...

It continues to sound like a massive undertaking, but congrats on your progress so far!