Sunday, November 16, 2014

There and Back Again

Last night around 10 PM I posted this on Facebook:
Off to bed. Long day tomorrow as Terry and I do a one-day up to the Bolt Hole and back. 500 miles round trip. Going to get some stuff out of the cabin that we need to donate/trash. I figure it's the best/last time we have before winter sets in for good and before I go for back surgery in January.

I set the alarm for 5 AM expecting we would get on the road by 5:30. I forgot about the cats.

I had a restless sleep and woke sometime before 3 AM. Tossed and turned a bit and around 3:10 coughed once.

That's all it took. Shadow must have heard me and she started yowling outside our bedroom door. Then banged the door a couple of times. Then started scratching on the door. The banging and scratching were punctuated by more yowling at an ever increasing volume. We finally surrendered and were up and about by 3:25.

Fed the cats; had a bite to eat and brewed up some tea and coffee; and then hit the road just before 4 AM.

You know, there's almost nobody on the road that early on a Sunday morning. We sailed up I-99 (Route 15) in to New York. Smoothly navigated Rt 414 from Corning to Seneca Falls. Cruised east on Rt 20 and north on Rt 34 to the NYT and then east to Utica and then north from there to the Bolt Hole. We made one stop on the Thruway to have breakfast and made it to the Bolt Hole in the southwest corner of the Adirondacks by 8 AM.

It was snowing. It wasn't supposed to snow until late Sunday night--after midnight to be precise.

We went to work, moving boxes of books that had been sitting in the living room and kids' bedroom. I boxed up books that were on shelves and added those boxes to the stack to be loaded into the Tundra. We added a couple of boxes of other "stuff" and the heap grew to about 24-25 boxes.

Our accumulated clutter was put into the Tundra, the Bolt Hole got locked up and we were on our way home by 9 AM. It was still snowing but as we headed down to the Mohawk Valley the snow stopped and there was nothing on the ground.

There were more vehicles of all kinds on the road on the way home, but traffic was moving well. (I told Terry that all the blue-haired little old ladies must still be in church.) One stop for gas in PA ($3.00 compared to the $3.28 I paid earlier north of Utica) and another to pick up a pizza and we were home by 1:00 PM.

Total time on the road: approximately 8 hours
Distance: approximately 440 miles (I had forgotten some of the shortcuts I have discovered over the years when I said it would be 500 miles round trip.)

We have also moved those boxes into the house where we'll take some time--tomorrow--to sort through the books to determine what goes to the libraries, what goes to friends, what we'll toos and what we'll keep. Some of the other "stuff" will go to the second hand store along with a few things from Jess' pile and Rick's pile.

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Rev. Paul said...

Glad you made it there & back without incident.