Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Doctor's Report re: Back

Saw the neurosurgeon yesterday. Not the one I was originally scheduled to see. He passed me off to a guy who is more specialized in my sort of problem. Seemed very calm, focused and competent.

Problem: Severe degradation of the lumbar spinal column.
Solution (if it can be called that): Surgery to do a little scraping and cleaning of the openings in the area of L2 to L5 to take out scar tissue from previous surgery and general wear and tear and bone spurs from arthritis to be followed by the insertion of screws and pins to assist in the fusing of those three vertebrae. Four days in the hospital baring any complications (infection, etc.). Recovery time to be six weeks to six months. Back brace to be worn for the first three months or less as the bones fuse. No driving for at least the first six weeks. No heavy lifting for the same time frame. Physical therapy a must.

Prognosis: Return to normal activities though slightly less flexible due to the fusion of those vertebrae.

I’ve a pre-op x-ray/physical appointment scheduled for December 30th. Surgery to take place sometime in early January.

*sigh* Like everything else when the warranty runs out….


Rev. Paul said...

Well ... hmm. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do, and all that.

We're pulling for you. May you heal quickly!

JihadGene said...

Hang in there! I RUV you man!

joated said...

Thanks guys. Doc did say that recovery time depends upon the motivation of the patient. I can be pretty motivated...on some things at least.

JDP said...

Better buy a case of Bourbon!