Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Log Home Progress Report

We are in a quiet phase of our log home project. We received two copies of the engineer’s drawings (blueprints) from Beaver Mountain about four weeks ago. Two weekends ago we met with our general contractor out in Pennsylvania and came to an agreement that we put into writing. Both he and I signed the contract and I asked him to prepare a timetable for us. Don’s rough estimate is that we will have our foundation excavated and in place by the April 19th delivery date for the log package. Once delivery is taken, he estimates four to six weeks until the shell is closed in and approximately six months to completion. If we can keep to that schedule we may be able to move into our new home between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don had already discussed the different systems with and presented our plans to subcontractors to get estimates. He kept one copy of the blueprints to show to the town’s building inspector for approval and, eventually, permits.

On Monday we met with the representative from M &T Mortgage Company out of Lancaster, PA to see about arranging for financing for the construction phase of the log home and regular mortgage after completion. We should hear from them the first week of the New Year.

Meanwhile all our energy is going into making our NJ home more saleable. Things like painting (ugh!) and packing up the accumulation of material from 24 years of living in the same home. We’ve rented a storage facility near our new place in PA and will soon be carting some furniture and boxes of materials out to fill it up.

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